About Me

Please note that this is no longer an active blog. However, I am leaving it up so that the links to the recipes remain viable! Even though there will not be any new content posted to this blog, I hope you enjoy the recipes I have already shared!


Hi there! My name is Abby and food is a huge part of my life. I’ve recently become more attentive to what I put into my body, from healthy food VS junk food to mass farmed produce VS organic produce. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a slice (or three) of pizza or a big slice of chocolate cake! But my motto is everything in moderation.

I’ve always been interested in food. In fact, when I was a teenager I spent more time watching Food Network than MTV. My all time favorite Food Network chef is Alton Brown. I always loved how he explained every aspect of the food he was talking about and the science behind the food. A close second has to be Ina Garten, her recipes are always delicious and often very simple. I travelled to Europe with my mother when I was 15 and it had a big impact on my taste buds. Up until then I was a fairly picky eater and ate the same foods pretty regularly. It was in Italy that I first enjoyed tomato sauce (I have a love hate relationship with tomatoes… it’s mostly love now 🙂 ). It was in Germany, visiting my family and eating a meal prepared by my Great Aunt that I first enjoyed sauerkraut. I think that trip was the catalyst to my culinary journey.

I think food is such a big part of everyone’s life. It’s like breathing, something that’s necessary for survival. Food shouldn’t be scary or stressful, and it DEFINITELY shouldn’t be tasteless! Enjoy your food and enjoy the way the food that is good for you makes you and your body feel. Satisfied and healthy. Stick around and I’ll share with you the things I like to whip up in my own kitchen, and hopefully that you’ll enjoy in yours.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Abby, thanks for popping over to All Mussed Up and following along on my Dutch adventures! (: I like your concept – keep at it!

    You are right on the money about travels expanding your palate — I love living in a European multicultural city for that very reason.

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